Roost was created by our passions to improve health through diet and nutrition.

We each began our journey for better health from different starting points but our paths soon converged and our small primal community was formed. We created our own network to share recipes, discuss and source products, and provide feedback and support to each other. We found all of these areas to be limited in the UK for individuals living a primal/paleo lifestyle. We each had different reasons for establishing this framework in our everyday lives, but now as we continue on this path, we strive for the same goal – to pursue optimal health.

Jody & Stuart Diton

Health and fitness has always been of great importance to the Diton family. Jody has an Honours degree in Kinesiology and continually seeks to expand her knowledge of health and nutrition. As a couple they discovered primal/paleo eating around the end of 2013, but didn’t fully adopt this eating-style until about 6 months later. Jody was trying to lose some extra weight and improve energy levels and overall mood, and Stuart was interested in health benefits that would help him be more effective in his work day so he had the energy and enthusiasm to devote to the children in the evening.  In the quest for knowledge and better health, Jody discovered the world of primal eating. As they followed the framework of the paleo/primal diet, Jody & Stuart quickly saw the benefits. Jody  managed to shed about a stone with ease, hugely improved energy levels, and lost that 3pm energy slump that is regularly experienced by so many. Stuart also leaned down through clean eating and energy levels sky-rocketed. The results could also be seen through improvement in their skin hair and nails, just to mention a few. They drastically cut back on the amount of sugar, wheat and processed foods being fed the children and couldn’t believe the improvement in their behaviour and moods as well.

Life is about balance and Jody & Stuart strive to eat clean and healthy on a daily basis, and happily adopt an 80:20 policy of keeping  diets clean for 80 percent of the time, but allowing themselves treats and indulgences. This makes it easy to stay on track and easily convert to a paleo-style of eating. Their mantra  for primal living is: “It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better than you were yesterday!”

Leisa & Ollie Moss

Ollio and Leisa are excited to be members of the Roost team and have both achieved amazing results in following a Paleo lifestyle.

Leisa is just one of those stories that if she had not changed to a Paleo lifestyle, she would not be where she is today. By May 2013 Leisa knew there was something very, very wrong with her health and was increasing frustrated with doctors who seemed to be able to offer no explanation or help whatsoever. Leisa began doing her own research and with the help of Ollio and his interest and background decided to start taking action by eliminating certain mainstream foods from her diet. Her symptoms included severe stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, rapid decreases in blood pressure, hives (anaphylactic shock) and at times passing out and being admitted to hospital. After reading relevant research we both began to see that food was the biggest contributing factor to improving Leisa’s health. Leisa had always eaten a good diet and made healthy choices but realised how detrimental dairy, grains and sugar had been in creating that pro inflammatory effect on her health. The improvements in her health were almost instant and drastic, the allergies disappeared, her energy levels increased, her skin now glows and her body no longer feels inflamed and toxic.  We all appreciate that quality of life starts with good health. Giving your body the vital nutrients to support strong cellular health is the greatest factor you can control to develop* a healthier happier you!

Ollio is a health and fitness professional, ACSM qualified and certified as London’s first Primal Blueprint coach. With over twenty-five years of professional experience, he has had past success as a triathlete and cyclist and now devotes most of his time to assisting others in their journey striving for ‘optimal health’. Food is by far the most important contributor in affecting our short and long-term health (as well as weight loss) goals; 80% of achieving ideal body composition is determined by what you eat!

Ollio’s role in the Primal Roost team is to provide assistance, no matter how big or small, to those wanting to attempt a positive transition into the primal/paleo lifestyle. He has created ‘The 28 day Primalvibe Plan‘ a step-by-step guide providing you with an understanding of all the key elements that are necessary in attempting the transition to living primally. Supporting your improvements in body transformation, this plan also leads you into discovering an enhanced level of health that you previously would not have believed possible.  Many amazing testimonials from around the world, an ever-growing body of scientific research reveal the positive effects of eating and living more primally, demonstrating that we really can override a section of our genes which has bearing on our health, longevity, resistance to sickness as well as achieving an ideal bodyweight.  To incorporate primal dietary changes and fitness into your lifestyle, visit and let Ollio guide you on a path to optimum health.

Food is medicine and the right kind of relationship with food can make a positive impact on your health.

Leisa & Jody