Lunchbox Bingo – How To Get The Kids To Choose Healthy Lunches

By 19th September 2017 Family Health

By The Lunchbox Doctor, Jenny Tschiesche  BSc(Hons) Dip(ION) FdSc BANT

As someone who specializes in lunchboxes I really wanted to find a way of getting my own children both involved in and empowered by the decision-making process when it came to packing their lunches. After some time and through trial and error I found using this simple worksheet was a great way to get them involved. They could choose their own lunches provided they write what they wanted (in the early days I helped them with the writing part) and provided that each of the food groups had at least one tick in it each day of the week. This system is still deployed today.Sometimes it is in the physical form of this worksheet and at other times, often when we are in the shop, it is referred to verbally. I find the kids need reminding of each of the components of a balanced lunchbox rarely now. They could probably reel them off in their sleep in fact!

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