31 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Vitamins

By 11th July 2017 Health & Nutrition

Ever wondered how to get more vitamins into your diet, and what the tell tale signs of vitamin deficiencies are? Then we’ve found the article for you. Along with two dieticians, Marie Claire has put together a useful list of the signs of vitamin deficiency and what to eat to help.

31 Signs You’re Not Getting Enough Vitamins

Yes! A reason to eat more!

Aug 20, 2015

Back in 2004, nutritionists everywhere were screaming at movie theater screens, threatening to boycott Mean Girls when Regina George “innocently” (you never know with Queen Plastic) asked how butter’s contents translated into nutritional value.

We’ll limit this healthy-eating lecture to a minimum: In order for your body to, well, function, you need to make sure you’re consuming enough essential nutrients in your everyday diet with actual healthy food. Just so you know…butter does not count as a good carb and no way in hell does your beloved chicken-and-broccoli combination platter satisfy anything but your 1:33 a.m. craving for Chinese food. End rant.

Okay, so you might be the outlier and pack kale for lunch and reach for a banana post-workout—TEACH US YOUR WAYS—but are you 100% sure you’re meeting the daily requirements of all that is good? We tapped into the minds of registered dietitians Emily Haller and Keri Gans for dead giveaways you need to step up your nutrient intake. Blurred vision? You might need to eat more carrots—not be prescribed glasses.

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